Can You use Tinder to Date Seriously in London?

The biggest city and capital of England has a wealth of Tinder users, and your soul mate could be among them. Not everyone will believe this because of the growing disillusionment with dating apps, but Tinder, the reigning king, still has lots of potential.

You can meet someone to hook up with or date seriously. One of the best things about dating in London is that you’ll meet all kinds of people. The former EU capital is swamped with students and young professionals. The city still has one of the biggest concentrations of institutions of higher education in the world. It has 40 higher education institutions excluding London branches of foreign universities and almost half a million university students, many of whom are on Tinder! How can you not find a match?

Maybe you’re past your college years. Even then, hope is not lost. The city is full of ambitious millennial executives who have made the center their home. The dating pool is truly massive.

Dating apps were invented for people to connect quicker. That is still their purpose. There is no need to beat around the bush. You can cut to the chase by creating a polarizing profile on Tinder; one that will make people either love you or hate you. Be brutally honest if you have to. You’ll weed out people who aren’t a good match and meet someone to have a serious relationship with faster.

Your profile should target your type of partner. It should be optimized for your niche, so to speak. Whether you’re into creative types, workaholics pushing 30, or anyone else, Tinder will help you match them.

Older women normally live outside London. Some of them want to buy a flat or house and property in London is ridiculously expensive.

One other thing you should know is that there are a lot of politically correct girls on Tinder in London. Regardless of whether they are your type, you can have lots of fun and interesting chats. Tone down on rebellious behavior if you want to be successful in this category. Focus on respectful conversation and avoid memes that they might find offensive.

Another type of London girls you’ll meet on Tinder is the “buddy” (for lack of a better way to describe them.) These are the girls you can talk to anything about, like a female drinking buddy. They have your type of humor and love jokes. You can definitely have a relationship with a girl like this.

On a final note, it’s important to choose the location of your first date carefully if you’re looking for a serious girlfriend from Tinder. You should both have a good time and be able to talk and get to know each other. Don’t go to her place right on the first date; you’ll end up just having sex, and few proper relationships start this way.

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